Trapper Details
Fun Factor Ranking

Effectiveness Ranking
Unit Name: Trapper
Unit Nation: Cowboy
Unit Type: Cavalry
Academy Level: 03

Primary Role:

Secondary Role:

Trapper, Scout, El Descubridor

Max AttackMin/Max Attack: 0/0
Max Defense InfantryMin/Max defense against Infantry: 15/15
Max Defense CalvaryMin/Max defense against Cavalry: 30/30
Max SpeedSpeed: 16
Max CarryCarrying Capacity: 0
Max UpkeepUpkeep per hour: 2

Max ATTACK Research Level: 0
Max DEFENSE Research Level: 0

Cost Per Unit
Notes on the Trapper
Their only purpose is to gather intelligence about the enemy. Fast stealthy units that you won't even know are there...until it's too late!

At level 0 when scouting villages you will be able to see the current resources stored in the town.

Researched to level 1 these troops will also show you how many and what kind of units are stationed in the town.

At level 2 you will then be able to see that rampart (town wall) level as well.

At level 3 your scouts will now be able to report the level of all buildings in the town at the time of the raid.

These troops are also very useful in revealing enemy scouting raids when stationed in a town so be sure to keep 20-50 in each town.


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