Blunderbuss Details
Fun Factor Ranking

Effectiveness Ranking
Unit Name: Blunderbuss
Unit Nation: Indian
Unit Type: Cavalry
Academy Level: 15

Primary Role:
(Resource Raids, First Strike Clearing Waves)

Secondary Role:
(Defense with Riflemen, Escort Duty)

Swashbucklers, Conquistadors, Blunderbuss, Farmers

Max AttackMin/Max Attack: 175/259
Max Defense InfantryMin/Max defense against Infantry: 60/89
Max Defense CalvaryMin/Max defense against Cavalry: 90/133
Max SpeedSpeed: 11
Max CarryCarrying Capacity: 70
Max UpkeepUpkeep per hour: 3

Max ATTACK Research Level: 9
Max DEFENSE Research Level: 9

Cost Per Unit
Notes on the Blunderbuss

They have a medium price, decent attack and some minimum defense. They should be your raiders. Use them with hit and run tactics. They might be slower than Mexican or Cowboy cavalry but they are still faster than infantry. They can't do as much damage as Tomahawk Fighters do but you can put them on defense too along with Riflemen, but never alone. They can help a defense but they can't be your main defense. They can reach 259 attack so can be part of the offense but not the total offense. A good rule of thumb is 1 Blunderbuss village to every 3 villages of Tomahawks. They are cool but they can't reach the power of tomahawks so you have to keep a balance.


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