Cowboy Details
Fun Factor Ranking

Effectiveness Ranking
Unit Name: Cowboy
Unit Nation: Cowboy
Unit Type: Cavalry
Academy Level: 05

Primary Role:
(Against Infantry then Cavalry)

Secondary Role:
OFFENSIVE (Resource Raids)

Swashbucklers, Conquistadors, Blunderbuss, Farmers

Max AttackMin/Max Attack: 55/81
Max Defense InfantryMin/Max defense against Infantry: 110/198
Max Defense CalvaryMin/Max defense against Cavalry: 60/108
Max SpeedSpeed: 16
Max CarryCarrying Capacity: 75
Max UpkeepUpkeep per hour: 2

Max ATTACK Research Level: 9
Max DEFENSE Research Level: 13

Cost Per Unit
Notes on the Cowboy

They are the fastest unit in the game (at 16), they are reasonably priced and useful on occasion. NEVER use them to attack someone. Rule of them for Cowboy players is to have these as the troop in 1 out of 6 villages.

Cowboys are PERFECT for farming missions. Especially bandits and inactive players due to their speed and carrying capacity. With a carrying capacity of 75kg the Cowboys are better at raiding than Caballerias too (Cowboys cost 2 whereas Cabs are 3).

Just remember that these are DEFENSIVE units and are never, I repeat, NEVER to be used in attacks!


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