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Index of Wild Guns Infrastructure Buildings

This page provides a brief overview and links to more detailed stats for the infrastructure buildings used in Wild Guns.

Infrastructure Buildings Index
Cowboy Embassy Indian Embassy Mexican Embassy
Prerequisite: Main Building at level 1
Maximum Level: 20
Maximum Aliiance Members: 60
Cowboy Granary Indian Granary Mexican Granary
Prerequisite: none
Maximum Level: 30
Maximum Food Storage: 500,000
Cowboy Main Building Indian Main Building Mexican Main Building
Main Building
Prerequisite: none
Maximum Level: 20
Maximum Redcution in Building Time: 50%
Cowboy Marketplace Indian Marketplace Mexican Marketplace
Marektplace (Trader)
Prerequisite: Main Building at level 3
Maximum Level: 25
Maximum Merchants: 50
Cowboy Stash Indian Stash Mexican Stash
Stash (Hideout)
Prerequisite: none
Maximum Level: 30
Maximum Bonus: 25%/hour Maximum resources protected from Cowboys & Mexicans: 16000 Maximum resources protected from Indians: 5344
Cowboy Storehouse Indian Storehouse Mexican Storehouse
Prerequisite: none
Maximum Level: 30
Maximum Wood, Clay, Iron Storage: 500,000

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