How to send raids, attacks and back up

To order a Raid, Attack or Back Up action go to the "World Map View" in the game.

World Map View

Then click on the desired square (village, nature tile etc). You can also enter the coordinates (if you know them) in the appropriate X and Y field and click on OK then click on the desired square. You then need to click on the "Send Troops" button.

World Map View

You'll then be presented with a screen asking you to specifiy the type(s) and amount of troops you wish to send. Finally you choose which type of action to wish to undertake and the descriptions for those are below.

Order a Raid
When you choose "Raid," the troops run into the village, take as much as they can, and vanish again. Some of the troops are caught and engaged by the defenders.

Raids are useful for getting resources (also known as "farming") from other players (bandits, Enemies etc.) and doing reconnaissance (using Trappers) to scout a village prior to a raid or an attack. Raiding troops should be FAST (for example: Cowboys have a speed of 16) and should have a high carrying capacity (for example: Cowboys can carry up to 75kg). Although slower troops (for example: Farmers) can be used too, they just take a lot longer to get there and back and cannot carry as much.

When pillaging, losses are marginal on both sides. Most of the time the troops on both sides survive. If the attacker kills less than the half of the defenders, no resources are taken.

Order an Attack
"Attack" unleashes a life-or-death battle which ends only when one side is completely eliminated. If the attacker wins, the surviving troops can loot resources.

With the "Attack" order, the losses will most likely be higher than on a simple raid.

Order Backup
Supporting units are stationed in another village and help with the defense of the village.

The troops send out to support are always supplied with food from the home village. The defending player need not worry about food problems.
At the Meeting Place it is possible to call back stationed troops. The defending player can also send other supporting troops home again.


Always be sure to scout a village before raiding or attacking!

If you are looking for how to send resources, see the "Details for the Marketplace" here:


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