How to send an "I'm Under Attack" Alliance Circular Mail (ACM)


When you are being raided and/or attacked and you want to inform the other members of your alliance you will want to send an Alliance Circular Mail (also known as an ACM or as a CM). When you send the circular mail you need to add enough information for it to be useful (otherwise you will just be filling your team's inboxes with spam). The information should include:

  • The town coordinates that are under attack (best to put in the subject line of the ACM and in the body of the message)
  • The details of the attack
  • What you expect the alliance to do about it

Step 1 - Get the raid/attack details

Click on the link under "Troop Movements" and it will provide you the following details:

  • Origin
  • Attacker
  • Duration
  • Time of arrival
  • Arrival

ACM Attack
(Figure 1.0: Getting the raid/attack details)

Step 2 - Create a new ACM and add details

Make sure the "Alliance circular mail" option is ticked (see Figure 2.0 below).

Make the subject line contain the coordinates to the village that is under attack (see Figure 2.0 below).


  • Raids incoming to 199|258

Paste in the information from the Troop Movements report.


  • Origin: gift
  • Attacker gpathens
  • Duration 5:00:10
  • Time of arrival 21.03.12 21:25:47
  • Arrival in 1:06:17

Finally add what you want your alliance mates to do with this information. NOTE: If you request troops be sure to make a link to your village so alliance members can click on it to send troops right to your town.

Examples of what you could request:

  • Information Only - Do not send backup
  • Anyone who can please send back up with in the next 2 hours to [village]199|258[/village]
  • Anyone who can please attack the enemy's town

Example ACM
(Figure 2.0: Sample details for an ACM)


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