How to rebuild damaged groups

Infantry and cavalry are formed into groups of 50 units max (groups are made possible by the Assembly Point). When your troops are wounded in battle the groups can be rebuilt (this is so you can mainain/increase their experience level. The units that are added back into the existing groups are automacially the experience level of the veteran troops.

When your troops are back in their home village you can click on the building they were made in and underneath the regular build screen you will see the "Fill up all groups" button (see Figure 1.0 below). Depending on how many resources you have available will determine how many groups you can fill up. Once you have selected the groups the queue will tell you how long (see Figure 2.0 below) it will take the groups back to 100% fighting/defending strength.


Rebuild Groups
(Figure 1.0: Rebuilding Groups in the Cowboy Stable)


Rebuild Groups
(Figure 2.0: Time for groups to rebuild)


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