Glossary of Terms

Hachiroku's Guide to Wild Guns Terminology

Below is a list of some of the more common terms used in Wild Guns. It is not exhaustive in any way so if you would like to suggest an addition or correction, send an email to .





TERM Explanation
ACM Alliance Circular Mail (message sent to all members on the alliance) via the Compose section of the Messages screen.
Also see
ACR Alliance Combat Reports show the combat reports from other alliance members and your own if they have been set to show on the ACR screen. Can be viewed via the Combat Reports in the Messages screen.
AFK Away From Keyboard
Cemetery A village that had a wall on which many thousand enemy troops have died.
In 2011 in the US Server #1 (Death Valley) there was an epic battle between Blazing Saddles (BS) and Guns of the New West (GUNS) where one town became a focal point for a battle. GUNS began attacking the town and BS sent in thousands of troops to build a support wall. Some estimates are that GUNS lost well over 60,000 troops trying to take the town. The town was renamed to GUNS Cemetery.
Clearing Waves

Large numbers of raids being sent one after another in order to wipe out all the troops in a village before treks arrive to take over the village

Also see the "Guide to attaking (trekking) towns" here:

Dodge (dodging) Hiding troops outside your village to avoid them being wiped out as well as spending resources and/or sending them to another town to avoid having them looted by enemy raiding parties
Fakes Attacks composed of only one unit to confuse your enemy. This also refers to units that have the same speed of another unit in order to confuse the enemy. For example the Cowboy Farmer moves at the same speed as the Cowboy Whiskey Trek. So a player could send 4 or 5 farmers from different towns to land in a enemy town at the same time to simulate a trekking attack. Are those treks in bound or not?!?
Farm A village you keep raiding for resources or exeperience
Farming Raiding villages (other players or bandits) on a regualr basis for resources as well as killing off their troops for experience points for your own troops.
Hammering Keep attacking someone to prevent them from building up
NPC Non-Player Character or Non-Playable Character in a game is any character not controlled by a player. In electronic games, this usually means a character controlled by the computer through artificial intelligence.
Res (rez, rezzies)

Resources (Wood, Iron, Clay, Food)

Also see: How to send resources at the Marketplace here:


Hiding troops in a bandit village to hide them from clearing waves and calling them back just before the next trek(s) arrive.

Also see the "Guide to attaking (trekking) towns" here:

Spamming Raiding/Attacking an enemy with fakes (single troops only) daily (filling their screen with raids/attacks) to mask real raids/attacks

Treks sent to a town one after another to reduce the approval rating enough to take over the town

Also see the "Guide to attaking (trekking) towns" here:

Wall/Support Wall (also known as a bunker) A village with a vast amount of defensive troops in it
XP Party (also known as a dogpile) When an alliance sends all of its groups to one town and then all members build suicide troops (usually farmers, ponchos or archers) to send against that town. The groups in the town then gain experience (XP) points from the suicide troops. See the Assembly Point and Groups for more information.

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