Guide to Timing

TARDRAGE's Guide to Timing

Timing things in Wild Guns is very, very important and doing it well is fairly difficult. Well timed attacks and being able to interpret data regarding incoming raids/attacks is of vital importance. Luckily, TARDRAGE (slightly modified by Hachiroku) has compiled a few handy tips for timing things. Enjoy!

Timing Attacks

Prerequisite for this activity is a good online calculator. There is a good one available here: The example below has you coming up with your own target. However in practice your alliance will most likely be telling you the target and the time that troops need to be there, so in that case you need still need to determine the duration from your town(s) but your arrival time will be preset.

NOTE: All times are taken as being in game "Server Time" (for example the US servers are on Eastern Time) NOT your local time zone. Failure to calculate according to the server time may result in adverse comments from your alliance leadership!

Step 1 - Get a Duration (Pick A Target)
First thing you want to do is pick a target and find out how long it will take (the duration) to arrive there. Do this by going into the "World Map" view and pick a town you wish to Raid, Attack or send Backup to. Click on the "Send troops" button and then select the troops you wish to send (NOTE: if you send mixed troops that they will move at the speed of the slowest unit in the group), once you get to the "Confirm attack details" you will have a duration. Write down the duration.

Timing Duration
(Screenshot of Sample Duration of 2:48:25)

Step 2 - Set the Arrival Time
In the online calculator input the time you want the troops to arrive (in our example it is 23:50) at the target village into the "+" (plus) "Input Box".

Step 3 - Get the Launch Time
Click on "-" (minus) and then enter the duration (hh:mm:ss) time into that input box. The calculator will then show you what time to launch your troops. Write this number down.

In the example below, the troops are to arrive at 23:50 (11:50pm) and it will take 2 hours 48 minutes 25 seconds to get there, therefore you must launch your troops at 21:01:35 (approximately 9:01pm).

Timing Calculation
(Screenshot of Sample Launch Time of 21:01:35)

Step 4 - Launch the Troops!
Close to the launch time go to the village you are going to send troops from. Put your cursor on the "Game Clock" and when the send time (minus 5 seconds) shows up, send your troops.

In the example the launch time is 21:01:35, so at about 21:00 make sure to be watching the game clock and when it gets to 21:01:30 send your troops.

Timing Game Clock
(Screenshot of Game Clock)

Expanding the Lesson
If your have more than one set of troops to send, follow the above steps to get each launch time you need and write them down in the order of the longest duration first (which will be the troops you want to send out first).

For example: you are sending 2 armies (one Caballeria and one El Mariachi) out and you have determined send times of 13:30:25 for the El Mariachis and 19:40:15 for the Caballerias. Close to each of those times place your cursor over the Game Clock and 5 seconds before each "send time" launch your troops!

Calculating Incoming Troops by Time
When you are under attack it is nice to be able to determine what kind of raid/attack might be coming. This can be done by determining the speed of the incoming troops because certain troops have certain uses.

It is suggested that all alliance members have 1 loose unit of every type of troop from their nation (that they don't already have a group of) for the purposes of quickly dtermining speeds of incoming troops.

When you are being attacked, look at the duration of the incoming attack. Choose one of your type of troops which you think will match that speed/duration and click on the village of incoming attack and then click on raid. When you get to the page to "confirm" look at the duration of your raid and compare the two duration times. You may be able to know or make a calculated guess at what type of troop is coming toward you when you compare those duration times. If the duration times are far apart you may want to try another type of troop with greater or lesser speed (depends on your 1st comparison) and test again to make 2nd comparison of duration times (incoming raid vs. your raid).

For example let's say you determine that you have an incoming attack moving at a speed of 5 and the player who sent the attack is a Cowboy. The attack is either a Whiskey Trek (with escort) or a single Farmer coming in as a fake trek attack. Figuring our whether it is real or fake is usually decided based on whether or not "clearing waves" are set to land just before the trek. If no clearing waves are sent then it is most likely a fake...but you never could just be some n00b sending his trek on a suicide mission. LOL

Troop Speeds
Unit (Nation)
C for Cowboys, M for Mexican and I for Indian
3 Cannon (C), Burning Arrow (I)
4 Blaster (C), Bombolero (M), Tequila Trek (M), Fire Fiend (I), Firewater Trek (I)
5 Farmer (C), Whiskey Trek (C), Pistolero (M)
6 Soldier (C), Sniper (C), Poncho (M), Rifleman (I)
7 El Mariachi (M), Archer (I), Tomahawk (I)
10 Mounted Archer (I)
11 Blunderbuss (I)
13 Scout (I)
14 Swashbuckler (C), Caballeria (M), Conquistador (M)
16 Cowboy (C), Trapper (C), El Descubridor (M)

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