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Guide to not being a Farm

Farming is an early game tactic (later in the game when you have 20-30 towns you'll have more resources than you will know what to do with) for gaining resources and experience for your troops. This guide is designed to teach a newer player the nuances of avoiding becoming a farm for another player.

When one player farms another player it is typically for two reasons:

  • gaining resources that they didn't make
  • killing troops to gain experience (see Assembly Point and Groups for more information)

Raiders will usually raid easy targets so the objective in farm avoidance is to make one's town not so appealing to raid. This is accomplished by hiding resources and not keeping troops around to be killed.


Hiding Resources
When a raid is incoming (or you will be away for an extended period of time) follow these simple steps to hide your resources:

  • Upgrade a building
  • Research something in the Academy
  • Offer resources in the Marketplace at 3x their value

To hide resources you will want to upgrade your market early on. Yes your marketplace, because it is safer than your stash (remember that Indian players can raid up to 2/3 of your stash capacity). When you see an incoming raid or before you leave the computer for an extended period of time (e.g.: go to school/work) go into your marketplace and offer your resources for 3 times another resource. For example: offer 500 wood and request 1500 clay in return.

3x Value in the Market
Figure 1.0 - 3x Resource Value Wood to Clay in the Market

Hiding Troops
When a raid is incoming (or you will be away for an extended period of time) follow these simple steps to hide your troops:

  • Send your troops to an another alliance member as backup
  • Send your troops on a raid to a bandit village that is hours away (really handy overnight)
  • Send your troops to a bandit village as backup

Following these instructions regularly should make you an unappealing target for raiders.


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