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Guide to attacking (trekking) towns with Treks


Treks are used to take over an enemy's town and make it your own. Treks reduce the amount of a town's approval rating by 20-27 points per trek. Typically 5 treks are needed in order to take over a town. However each town can support a maximum of 3 treks so you'll need more than one town's treks to complete the job, or make a second run. NOTE: It is very dangerous to make a second run, always try to take the town on the first run. Once the town drops to a negative approval rating it becomes a town of the attacker who trekked it.

Before you can build a Trek in a town you require:

  • An Academy at level 20 (so they can be researched)
  • Enough expansion points available (expansion points are researched at the Academy but are shown in the Tavern)
  • An expansion slot (made available in the Tavern at levels 10, 15 and 20)

Treks move at a slow speed which means that the defender who is being trekked will probably have time to call in reinforcements and build a support wall of troops to defend against the attack. Therefore, raids known as "Clearing Waves" (see below) need to be sent in ahead of the treks by the attacking player and their alliance members to clear the defending troops out of the town.

Troops by Nation used for Trekking Towns

Scout   >>>   Clear   >>>   Trek
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Step 1 - Scouting (RAIDS)

The first step in any engagement is to gather intelligence. In Wild Guns this is accomplished by sending scouting raids (Trappers, Scouts, El Descubridor) to an enemy's town(s) (NOTE: you need to have researched espionage to level 3-5 (depending on the nation) at the Academy before you scout). Once intelligence on troop numbers and strength as well as the town's rampart level have been gathered, trek planning can begin. If the town has a strong defense of troops built up clearing waves will need to be sent in before the treks.

Step 2 - Clearing Waves (RAIDS)

Clearing waves are RAIDS made of up of very strong troops from as many towns (5-15) as are needed to reduce the defense in the town so treks can be sent safely. A typical cowboy nation clearing wave (from 1 town) would be:

  • 15 to 20 groups of 5 star snipers
  • 1500 to 2500 loose snipers
  • 10 trappers (to gather more intel)

As each wave reaches the town it will kill off some troops (depending on their numbers and research), which is why multiple clearing waves are required. Unfortunately because of the time it takes treks to arrive at a town and the many clearing waves it is not always possible to re-scout the town between the waves and the treks which means there is a risk of even more support troops arriving at the enemy's town before the treks do....but such is the nature of war non? NOTE: Clearing waves are always sent as RAIDS and never as attacks.

Step 3 - Trekking (ATTACKS)

As pointed out in the overview, it takes up to 5 treks to reduce a town's approval rating into the negative where it will become a town of the player who trekked it. Ideally when you send your treks you want to time them so that they land at the target town within seconds of each other. This is true whether you are trekking a bandit town or a human player. If you leave time between your treks another player who is closer might send in a trek, take the town over, fill it with support troops and then your treks will go boom on the support wall. NOTE: Treks are always sent as ATTACKS or the trek won't work.

Treks Require an Escort
It is very important to send enough escort troops along with the trek so the trek is not destroyed at on the rampart or by defending troops.

The following are acceptable escorts types:

  • 200-300 loose (not grouped) strong offensive troops (e.g.: snipers, swashbucklers, conquistadors, caballerias, tomahawk fighters or bulnderbusses). NOTE: you could use weak troops (i.e.: farmers) in a pinch
  • or 2-3 groups of strong offensive troops

NOTE: NEVER under any circumstances would you ever send a full army (e.g. 18 groups of 5 gold star Blunderbuss) with a trek attack because treks move very slow and if the enemy has time to build a support wall in the town, you will lose your 5 star army...for nothing.


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