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Guide to attacking buildings with Burning Arrows or Cannon

Cowboy Cannon, Burning Arrows and Mexican Cannon are used to attack an enemy's buildings. It must be sent as an attack (not a raid) which means a very high chance of 100% losses to the attacker if there is a good defense in place. Also, Cannons/Burning Arrows move very slowly which allows the defender plenty of time to plan a good defense. These two factors combine to make this a very risky type of offensive operation.

For every 15 of these types of troops that attack 1 level of the building will be destroyed.

For example:

  • 60 cannon against a level 14 storehouse will drop the storehouse by 4 levels to level 10.
  • 450 cannon against a level 30 storehouse will reduce it to zero


It is very important to send enough offensive escort troops along with the cannons/burning arrows so they do not get wiped out on the rampart or by defending troops.

The following are acceptable escorts:

NEVER under any circumstances would you ever send a full army (e.g. 18 groups of 5 gold star Blunderbuss) with a building attack because cannons move very slow and if the enemy has time to build a support wall in the town, you will lose your 5 star army...for nothing.

Troops by Nation used for attacking enemy buildings.
Cowboy Storehouse  Indian Granary  Mexican Assembly Point
Examples of buildings that you can attack with Burning Arrow/Cannon

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