Cowboy Unit Spotlight
<a href='guide-to-the-cowboy-nation.php' title='Guide to the Cowboy Nation and Unit Specifications'>Cowboy</a> - Swashbuckler
Name: Swashbuckler
Type: Cavalry
Speciality: DEFENSIVE
(Against Cavalry then Infantry)
Fun Factor Ranking

Effectiveness Ranking

Swash are your most useful unit by far, with high defense vs. cavalry and good speed which makes them ideal as backup for you and your allies. It's better to send swashbucklers as backup instead of farmers because swash are faster (can arrive sooner) and the enemy won't get as many experience points (1 point per unit). Swash can be useful for raiding due to their speed and carrying capacity and can be used in follow up clearing waves but never charge in blind and NEVER EVER use them as a first strike force. Swash do better in groups so focus on your Assembly Point groups.

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Guide to the Cowboy Nation Guide to the Indian Nation Guide to the Mexican Nation

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One of the big reasons I enjoy playing Wild Guns is the requirement for team play. You cannot survive in a server for long without being a part of an alliance. Every alliance has ifs good points and its bad points however I have found that generally the good points out weigh the bad ones.

US Server 3 - Rifle Hill
I have been playing on Rifle Hill (US Server #3 or S3 - since February 14th, 2012 but I was on Vacaton Mode from Oct 2012-Feb 2013 due to family committments and have sinced stopped playing on S1 after the final showdown between MOS and the Regulators. We gave them a good fight but it's tough to win against those who cheat (but that is a whole other story and one I won't get into here).

US Server 2 - Conquest West
I did a brief tour on Conquest West (US Server #2 or S2 - which ended due to the dissolution of the Phoenix alliance I was a part of and time commitments on Server #1.

US Server 1 - Death Valley
I started playing on the Death Valley (US Server #1 or S1 - on October 29th, 2010 (I had been playing Ikariam but I found it too boring). In S1 I was been apart of "Legendary Warriors", "Blazing Saddles 2" and finally co-founded an alliance known as the Lincoln County Regulators [-REG-] with legendary player Cool Hand Luke (CHL). The Regulators stand for strength and honor (the warriors code), respecting your foe, playing honorably (no multi-accounts) and having mercy on those who ask for it (there are some exceptions of course).

Lincoln County Regulators
Lincoln County Regulators Alliance -REG- logo

Final Death Valley showdown between REG & MOS
Just like to give a shout out to the players who I fought side by side with in the final showdown against the Greek MOS (Moquitos) alliance: Chenier, CHL, cmc23, danimal, Hollywood, Jack Iron, Merndorf, PETE, Skyline, Senor "Attack Boner" TARDRAGE, Trigger, Zod del Fuego and special shout out to Druid even though he wasn't there for the final days (apologies if I missed anyone but it's been a year or so since it all went down and sometimes I get confused with players on S3).

MOS..too much time on their hands
MOS had too much time on their hands in S1...
I guess that's what happens when you play multiple accounts and cheat.
Well the Regulators decided to help out MOS (see rollover image).

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