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Sasuke ShurikenSASUKE2010春 (SASUKE #25)
Tokyo Broadcasting System [TBS] broadcast date Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Stage Results Overview
Competitors to clear 1ST Stage = 11
Competitors to clear 2ND Stage = 5
Competitors to clear 3RD Stage = 0
Competitors to clear FINAL Stage = 0
Top 5SASUKE #25 - Top 5 Results
The top 5 performances for this competition are listed by highest obstacle and then by competitior number.
Name (氏名) # Result - Obstacle Stage
Li En Zhi
リー・エンチ (李 恩至)
80 Sasuke Stage Failed - Ultimate Cliffhanger - アルティメットクリフハンガー 3RD
橋本 亘司
60 Sasuke Stage Failed - Ultimate Cliffhanger - アルティメットクリフハンガー 3RD
OKUYAMA Yoshiyuki
奥山 義行
50 Sasuke Stage Failed - Ultimate Cliffhanger - アルティメットクリフハンガー 3RD
高橋 賢次
40 Sasuke Stage Failed - Ultimate Cliffhanger - アルティメットクリフハンガー 3RD
Brian Orosco
69 Sasuke Stage Failed - Doorknob Grasper - ドアノブグラスパー 3RD
MicrophoneSASUKE #25 - Commentators
Announcer (アナウンサー) Competitors Covered
SATO Fumiyasu
佐藤 文康
1ST Stage: 1st - 15th, 36th to 50th, 81st to 100th, 3RD Stage
ITO Ryusuke
伊藤 隆佑
1ST Stage: 16th to 35th, 51st to 80th, 2ND Stage
SASUKE #25 - Course (Obstacle) Configuration
Total Obstacles = 23
SASUKE 1ST Stage image
Time Limit = 115 seconds

01. Dome Steps - ドームステップス NEW

02. Sandan Rolling Maruta (Rolling Log) - 三段ローリング丸太

03. Jump Hang - ジャンプハング

04. Bridge Jump - ブリッジジャンプ NEW

05. Log Grip - ロッググリップ

06. Soritatsu Kabe (Warped Wall) - そり立つ壁

07. Circle Slider - サークルスライダー

08. Tarzan Rope - ターザンロープ

09. Rope Ladder - ロープラダー

SASUKE 2ND Stage image
Time Limit = 95 seconds

10. Slider Drop - スライダードロップ NEW

11. Double Salmon Ladder - ダブルサーモンラダー NEW

12. Unstable Bridge - アンステーブルブリッジ

13. Balance Tank - バランスタンク

14. Metal Spin - メタルスピン

15. Wall Lifting - ウォールリフティング

SASUKE 3RD Stage image
Time Limit = none

16. Roulette Cylinder - ルーレットシリンダー NEW

17. Doorknob Grasper - ドアノブグラスパー NEW

18. Floating Boards - フローティングボード NEW

19. Ultimate Cliffhanger - アルティメットクリフハンガー NEW

20. Swing Circle スイングサークル NEW

21. Bungee Rope Climb バンジーロープ クライム NEW

22. Flying Bar フライングバー NEW

SASUKE FINAL Stage image
Time Limit = 40 seconds

23. Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り

Notes The 25th competition, official name: SASUKE2010春 (literally SASUKE2010 Spring) is the first tournament after Urushihara Yuuji's kanzenseiha. Like the other two competitions following a Final Stage completion (SASUKE 5 and SASUKE 18), the course was altered to increase the difficulty significantly.

SASUKE 25 was recorded February 20, 2010 and aired March 28, 2010 on TBS; the running time was 4 hours. People from every prefecture in Japan and most major world geographic regions were represented in this tournament.

Start Positions #1-#97 were drawn at random using a lottery, resulting in veterans Takeda Toshihiro, Levi Meeuwenberg and Satō Jun receiving their lowest start positions ever. The final three start positions were reserved for the three former champions; Akiyama Kazuhiko was given #98, Nagano Makoto wore #99, and reigning champion Urushihara Yuuji was granted the coveted #100.

Stage One was peppered with obstacles coming out of retirement and brand new ones. The time limit was decreased by five seconds from the previous competition and the red carpets from the Shin-SASUKE era were removed in favor of the old green color of the early days. With the removal of the Jumping Spider, this marked the first competition in which a spider walking obstacle was absent. Of the new obstacles, the Dome Steps took out competitors at a similar rate as its predecessors, but very few had problems with the Bridge Jump. The three returning obstacles -- the Rolling Maruta, Jump Hang and Circle Slider -- had similar success rates to their first go around on the SASUKE course. A total of eleven people cleared: SASUKE All-Stars Takeda Toshihiro and Yamamoto Shingo, former SASUKE Trials qualifiers Satō Jun, Hashimoto Kōji, Kanno Hitoshi and Urushihara Yuuji, international competitors Li En Zhi, Levi Meeuwenberg and Brian Orosco, and SASUKE veterans Takahashi Kenji and Okuyama Yoshiyuki. All eleven had cleared Stage One in prior tournaments.

Stage Two, although remaining largely unmodified, began with two new obstacles -- the Slider Drop and a Salmon Ladder variant, the Double Salmon Ladder, In the second half of the stage, the ending rope of the Balance Tank was severely shortened and the track was slightly longer than the SASUKE 24 version. Together, these new obstacles eliminated Urushihara, Takeda, Meeuwenberg, Kanno, and Yamamoto, all of whom had reached Stage Three multiple times in the past. Ultimately, five men cleared the stage, including Orosco, who did so with a mere 1.4 seconds left on the clock. Orosco had never cleared the Second Stage before while the other four reached the Final Stage in the previous tournament.

The biggest renovation came in Stage Three, with all seven obstacles making their respective SASUKE debuts. Large curtains covered the obstacles until the Third Stage was to commence. Orosco failed the second obstacle, the Doorknob Grasper, while everyone else failed the new Ultimate Cliffhanger, the fourth obstacle, leaving the final three virgin territory. Since no one attempted them, the names of the three remaining obstacles aren't known.

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