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Sasuke ShurikenSASUKE2003秋 (SASUKE #12)
Tokyo Broadcasting System [TBS] broadcast date Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

Stage Results Overview
Competitors to clear 1ST Stage = 11
Competitors to clear 2ND Stage = 10
Competitors to clear 3RD Stage = 3
Competitors to clear FINAL Stage = 0
Top 5SASUKE #12 - Top 5 Results
The top 5 performances for this competition are listed by highest obstacle and then by competitior number.
Name (氏名) # Result - Obstacle Stage
長野 誠
100 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り (by 0.11 seconds) FINAL
白鳥 文平
77 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り FINAL
Thumbnail Pending
ASAOKA Hiroyuki
朝岡 弘行
72 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り FINAL
TAKEDA Toshihiro
TAKEDA Toshihiro
竹田 敏浩
95 Sasuke Stage Failed - Pipe Slider - パイプスライダー 3RD
AKIYAMA Kazuhiko
AKIYAMA Kazuhiko
秋山 和彦
97 Sasuke Stage Failed - Pipe Slider - パイプスライダー 3RD
MicrophoneSASUKE #12 - Commentators
Announcer (アナウンサー) Competitors Covered
初田 啓介
1ST Stage: 1st to 80th
古舘 伊知郎
1ST Stage: 81st-100th, 2ND Stage, 3RD Stage and FINAL stage
SASUKE #12 - Course (Obstacle) Configuration
Total Obstacles = 19
SASUKE 1ST Stage image
Time Limit = 85 seconds

01. Yamagoe (Hill Climb) - 山越え NEW

02. Rolling Maruta (Rolling Log) - ローリング丸太

03. Ipponbashi (Plank Bridge) - 一本橋 NEW

04. Jump Hang - ジャンプハング

05. Soritatsu Kabe (Warped Wall) - そり立つ壁

06. Tarzan Jump - ターザンジャンプ

07. Rope Climb - ロープクライム

SASUKE 2ND Stage image
Time Limit = 70 seconds

08. Chain Reaction - チェーンリアクション

Brick Climb - ブリッククライム

09. Spider Walk - スパイダーウォーク

10. Balance Tank - バランスタンク

11. Gyakuso Conveyor (Reverse Conveyor) - 逆走コンベア

12. Wall Lifting - ウォールリフティング

SASUKE 3RD Stage image
Time Limit = none

13. Rumbling Dice - ランブリングダイス

14. Body Prop - ボディプロップ

15. Lamp Grasper (Globe Grasp) - ランプグラスパ

16. Cliffhanger - クリフハンガー

17. Pipe Slider - パイプスライダー

SASUKE FINAL Stage image
Time Limit = 30 seconds

18. Spider Climb - スパイダークライム

19. Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り

Notes The 12th Competition, official name: SASUKE2003秋 (literally SASUKE 2003 Fall) is arguably one of the best and most successful tournaments to not have a winner. The First Stage started out with Yamada Koji clearing with over thirteen seconds left on the clock. He became only the second #1 to do so and the first #1 to do that in his debut. After a string of failures, #70-100 showed great success. All 6 All-Stars (5 at the time and future All-Star Shiratori Bunpei) cleared the first stage for the second straight tournament. Due to weather, the first stage went into the night for the first time in SASUKE history (a trend that would continue for several more tournaments).

In the second stage, a record 8 straight people cleared. Had it not been for Yamada Katsumi's disqualification, there would have been a 100% Second Stage success rate, the only other tournament where this has occurred being SASUKE 6.

In the third stage, competitors again went deep into the course. Out of the 10 third stage competitors, 9 of them made it to the Cliffhanger and 5 of them made it to the Pipe Slider. In the end, 3 people cleared the third stage (including Shiratori Bunpei who cleared on his first stage 3 attempt) to make it to the Final Stage, the most since SASUKE 3. In the Final Stage, Nagano Makoto came 0.11 seconds short from achieving kanzenseiha, the closest loss since Yamada Katsumi's failure in SASUKE 3.

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