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Sasuke Shuriken究極のサバイバルアタックSASUKE (SASUKE #01)
Tokyo Broadcasting System [TBS] broadcast date Friday, September 26th, 1997

Stage Results Overview
Competitors to clear 1ST Stage = 23
Competitors to clear 2ND Stage = 6
Competitors to clear 3RD Stage = 4
Competitors to clear FINAL Stage = 0
Top 5SASUKE #01 - Top 5 Results
The top 5 performances for this competition are listed by highest obstacle and then by competitior number.
Name (氏名) # Result - Obstacle Stage
大森 晃
97 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り FINAL
長谷川 健
96 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り FINAL
Thumbnail Pending
YO Takashi
楊 崇
72 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り FINAL
Thumbnail Pending
川島 孝幸
49 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り FINAL
Kane Kosugi
89 Sasuke Stage Failed - Pole Bridge - ポールブリッジ 3RD
MicrophoneSASUKE #01 - Commentators
Announcer (アナウンサー) Competitors Covered
TOSAKI Takahiro
(戸崎 貴広)
1ST Stage: 1st to 80th
(古舘 伊知郎)
1ST Stage: 81st-100th, 2ND Stage, 3RD Stage and FINAL stage
SASUKE #01 - Course (Obstacle) Configuration
Total Obstacles = 18
SASUKE 1ST Stage image
Time Limit = 70 seconds

01. Taki Nobori (Waterfall Climb) - 滝登り NEW

02. Burasagari Maruta (Spinning Log) - ぶら下がり丸太 NEW

03. Taki Kudari (Waterfall Descent) - 滝下り NEW

04. Sosoritatsu Kabe (Hill Climb) - そそり立つ壁 NEW

05. Yureru Hashi (Balance Bridge) - 揺れる橋 NEW

06. Maruta Kudari (Rapid Descent) - 丸太下り) NEW

07. Free Climbing - フリークライミング NEW

08. Kabe Nobori (Wall Climb) - 壁登り NEW

SASUKE 2ND Stage image
Time Limit = 50 seconds

09. Spider Walk - スパイダーウォーク NEW

10. Ugoku Kabe (Moving Walls) - 動く壁 NEW

11. Spider Climb - スパイダークライム NEW

12. Goren Hammer (Hammer Dodge) - 5連ハンマー NEW

13. Gyakuso Conveyor (Reverse Conveyor) - 逆走コンベア NEW

14. Wall Lifting - ウォールリフティング NEW

SASUKE 3RD Stage image
Time Limit = none

15. Pole Bridge - ポールブリッジ NEW

16. Propeller Untei (Propeller Bars) - プロペラ雲梯 NEW

17. Hari Yama (Needle Mountain aka Pincushion) - 針山 NEW

SASUKE FINAL Stage image
Time Limit = 30 seconds

18. Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り NEW

Notes The 1st Competition, official name: 究極のサバイバルアタックSASUKE (literally Ultimate Survival Attack SASUKE) was the first ever SASUKE tournament, held in 1997 and aired as a special on Kinniku Banzuke. It was a the only indoor tournament in SASUKE history, held at the Tokyo Bay Colosseum. Several recurring competitors made their first appearance here including SASUKE All-Stars, Yamamoto Shingo and Yamada Katsumi. Other strong competitors emerged, such as Ōmori Akira, Hasegawa Ken, Miura Eiichi and Kane Kosugi. Not all, however, would stick around SASUKE all that long despite their seemingly high skill level.

Results-wise, 23 people cleared the First Stage, which remains the fourth most ever. Six cleared the Second Stage, while four cleared the Third Stage, including Kawashima Takayuki, who is still the youngest ever to do so at age 18. However, no one was close to achieving kanzenseiha.

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