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Sasuke Shuriken SASUKE 24 to air JANUARY 1st 2010!
Posted on 2009-Dec-05
Hey All,

Big apologies for note keeping the site more up to date (major updates coming later this month).

Meanwhile, if you've been following the Rambling Rican and Lost in Ube blogs you'll already know that SASUKE 24 will air January 1st 2010! This is quick considering we just had SASUKE 23 back in September!

However it seems Monster9 and TBS are wanting to play up the supposed rivalry between the "new" generation (shin sedai) and the Sasuke All Stars. Lost in Ube translated part of the announcement from TBS as follows:

"An emergency decision has been made! In SASUKE 23 the battle between the old and new was not settled so SASUKE 24 will be held in a hurry this December"

What I don't get is that KANNO Hitoshi (one of the new generation) really looks up to NAGANO Makoto as a mentor and inspiration.

The "leader" of the new generation, URUSHIHARA Yuuji seems to be the one with the attitude towards the current All Stars (which is maybe where the rivalry comes from?!?)...but he made it to the FINAL STAGE in SASUKE 22 and crapped out in 2ND Stage in SASUKE 23 other and than that he's a real "johnny come lately".

Does making it to the final stage once automatically make someone an ALL STAR? I guess we'll see in SASUKE 24.

More to follow as details become available.

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